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Travel used to be simple. You stopped by the travel agent, picked a trip off the wall, and that was it. Now things have changed. There’s too many options! Comparisons, destinations, reviews and a different price, wherever you look. DealsAway exists to make it simple again. The best destinations, with the best inclusions at the best prices… simple. Developed by the team behind Global Work & Travel, one of the world’s leading youth travel companies. DealsAway has an incredible family of brands behind us, access to market-leading technology, offers and outstanding customer service. Our deals are the very best in the wonderful world of travel, and we can’t wait to show you more of the world you live in.

What we doAt the heart of what we do lies the desire to explore. Rather than just visiting a country and seeing the highlights, we want you to really get to know the country, its traditions, its people and of course, its food and drink. We combine the awesomeness of the big-hitting sites, with those tiny, shared experiences that will live long in your memory. So while you will never forget sunrise at Angkor Wat, you will also remember that amazing street food meal, surrounded by the buzz of Hanoi’s nightlife.
Why we doOne of the only good things to come out of 2020, DealsAway was born from a love of travel. With our team having explored much of the world, we wanted to create a workplace where we could talk about our passion, spread our enthusiasm and love of travel to everyone that wants to join our family.
Think Local, Play GlobalEvery trip we sell uses incredible local suppliers, making sure that the wealth stays in the country and that our guides and group leaders are well paid and love what they do. We want you to explore the world, but always know that your travels are having a positive impact locally too.
Best Deal GuaranteeWe are not shy about telling you that our trips are by far the best value for money out there. So confident, in fact, that if you find the same deal cheaper, we will not only match it, but give you a further 10% off it. For full details check our Best Deal Guarantee here.
Go DeeperYour holiday time is precious and when you jump on a plane, we want to make sure you get everything you can from your travels. Our trips are designed to go deeper, to see what is around the corner and to give you time to explore under your own steam.
Want to get in touch?We would be more than happy to hear from you about any of our trips, places you would like to visit that are not on our list, or any questions you might have about DealsAway. Simply fill out our form and we’ll get back to you the next business day; or give us a call on the number up top between 9am-6pm AEST.
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